Customer Shea Butter Ecommerce CMS

Shea Butter Ecommerce CMS

In 2005 I was commissioned to create an ecommerce site that would allow the customers of this custom butter company purchase product.  The owner of the company had a growing social media presence and wanted to expand her sales past in person transactions.  

This site was created before UX | UI were the norm so base this on 2005 standards :)

The Beginning

Our first steps were to determine the features that would be most essential to getting the user from A to B.  After an initial consultation with the owner as well as a few customers we created a list of beneficial features for the proposed website.

Beneficial features: Efficient way to process payments, menu that guides user to each of the three main categories, images of the products, area for specials


My first step was to sketch a possible layout for the design.  Several stages of the sketches were created until one touched on most of the desired features.


User Flow

User flows were then created to insure traffic would move as intended.  Our goal was to insure that all traffic lead to a product and then checkout.

Web 1920 – 3.png



The final layout was then tested for two months before handing complete control over to the company owner.  The images below represent her progress once trained to use the website.