Delta Dental Intranet Site

In 2017 Delta Dental made customer experience a major priority for the company.  Most of the existing processes received no feedback from the user and were based on very little research. 

This project was initiated by the manager of Creative Services to see if we could aid in creating UI that would better serve Delta Dental employees.  Our initial focus was the intranet site with hopes of a revamp of the external facing site.

My Role

My role on this project was to collaborate with the Creative Services Manager to create personas, wireframes and design iterations. 

The challenges

What were the challenges users faced when using the intranet site?

1. Users were unable to locate the necessary services on the intranet site.

2.  Users felt completely disconnected from work when off site.  Communication was impossible when offsite and relied heavily on getting personal phone numbers.

3.  The site itself doesn't have many practical uses once training has ended.

Here are two screens from the current layout

The Process

Getting to know the user

Our first step in figuring out the most useful feature for employees was to administer surveys.


Sample questions:

1. Are you able to contact coworkers when off campus?

2. How would you rate your experience filling out time sheets online?  Difficult  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Easy

3. How would you rate your experience looking for information on the intranet site?  Difficult  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Easy


Focuses for creating this new site layout were usability, cleanliness, simplicity and reinforcement of the Delta Dental brand.  The site should also allow for the intranet site to be accessed from outside the firewall for employee access to certain personal and departmental information (All extremely sensitive information would remain locked behind the firewall).


Features included in design:

1. Search and chat with coworkers

2. Login feature to access employee information



Iteration and Prototype

User Testing

What we discovered during user testing:

Users did not respond well to purple headers and highlights.  Many felt like it gave the site a feel that was not consistent with Delta Dental. Many missed the highlighted text underneath the hero section as well. Users responded well to the addition of the visual hero section as well as the visuals for each of the major departments and buttons.  Many would love the ability to sign in and speak to coworkers, check time sheets, vacation time and feel it could supplement their ability to work from home.

final Presentation

This final iteration was presented to the manager of the Creative Services group as a viable option for the CX and web teams to implement into the current website design. 

Notes and presentation