iTunes Player - feature redesign

iTunes - Clean iteration

When was the last time you used the itunes app to navigate your playlist? I tend to use alternative hardware like my headphones or watch to find my favorite song but one day I had neither. I made the mistake of leaving them both at home before my run. The next five miles of running and pressing the wrong buttons highlighted several usability issues with certain screens. The documents below are the results of creating alternate screens to solve each pain point.

The Problem

As an active user, I tend to use the app while in motion. When running, many of the tap zones are nearly impossible to hit correctly without coming to a complete stop. In my iteration, users will have larger tap zones and less repetition.


  1. Add functionality to areas of the screen that are currently just for display.

  2. Remove redundancy between screen and hardware controls.

  3. Bring all navigation above fold.

  4. Enlarge buttons and tap zones to reduce mistaps.

  5. Enlarge album artwork.

Pain Points

Step one to this redesign was to put my pain points on paper. As seen above, most of the music player page consists of imagery but the size has left minimal area for function. Certain functions are nearly impossible to use while static so active users have most likely abandoned these areas.

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Below the fold

One very perplexing portion of the design was the decision to hide the shuffle and repeat buttons below the fold. These are two major functions that aid in the listening experience.

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Mockup Notes

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second image example

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Taps and flow

“New Look” Promo